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Time: 2 P.M. Temperature: 68 F, 20 C Season: Spring, April Current Weather: Sunny, a few white clouds are floating above the territory, but beware, darker ones are coming closer, bringing rain. What's happening: Accirrah, Dawn, and Robin are left at the camp with a loner, while Cadence and Yuuko are out at hunting at Syra's Clearing. A mysterious lone pup has just crashed into the Sapphire Skies' camp.

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    Wolf Quiz!


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    Wolf Quiz! Empty Wolf Quiz!

    Post by Cadence on Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:45 pm

    Welcome to our very first wolf quiz!

    For every answer completed correctly, you earn one Oro!

    Please pm you answers along with the questions to me, and I will give you the Oros you earned!

    Q1. What continent are wolves not native to?

    A. Europe
    B. Africa

    Q2. Why might a wolf voluntarily leave its pack?

    A. Old Age
    B. More Prey
    C. Aggression from pack members

    Q3. What term is used to describe the lowest ranking wolf in the pack?

    A. Beta
    B. Zeta
    C. Omega

    Q4. How many wolves did wildlife officials bring into the U.S. in 1995?

    A. 14
    B. 29
    C. 63

    Q5. If you encounter a wolf, what should you do?

    A. Turn around and run the other way
    B. Keep quiet
    C. Don't come closer than 300 feet (91 meters)

    Q6. Which wolves are the most competitive wolves of the pack?

    A. Beta Wolves
    B. Female Wolves
    C. Adolescent Wolves

    Q7. What behavior will Alpha wolves display that subordinates won't?

    A. Licking each other's muzzles
    B. Urinating while standing up
    C. Waiting to eat

    Q8. What are wolves doing while howling at the moon?

    A. Howling at the moon-duh!
    B. Communicating with other pack members
    C. Locating potential mates

    Q9. Which of the following is not a benefit of wolf pack life?

    A. Group Hunting
    B. Mating
    C. Protection

    Q10. How many pounds of meat is a wolf able to consume in one meal?

    A. 10 pounds
    B. 20 pounds
    C. 30 pounds

    Remember, do NOT post answers below! Only pm your answers to me, please!

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