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Time: 2 P.M. Temperature: 68 F, 20 C Season: Spring, April Current Weather: Sunny, a few white clouds are floating above the territory, but beware, darker ones are coming closer, bringing rain. What's happening: Accirrah, Dawn, and Robin are left at the camp with a loner, while Cadence and Yuuko are out at hunting at Syra's Clearing. A mysterious lone pup has just crashed into the Sapphire Skies' camp.

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    The Wild's Child Seth


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    The Wild's Child Seth

    Post by Seth on Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:49 pm

    The Child of the Wilderness

    The Basics:

    Name: Seth
    Nicknames: S, Se
    Age: 9 Months
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Pup
    Breed: Red Wolf


    Coat Length: 4 inches
    Pelt Colour: Dark Brown
    Eye Colour: Dark Green
    Markings and Designs: Green paws that blend in with the forest floor, with green rings down his tail, green spots around his eyes forming a sort of mask, and green ear tips 
    Scars and Scratches: Various scratches from living in the wild
    Extra Appendages: Dark Brown Wings with Dark Green tips
    Wolf Build: Medium.


    Personality: Seth is impatient and rash most of the time, but he knows how to remain silent and still in order to hide himself. He reacts aggressively to anything that he doesn't understand or is uncomfortable doing, so watch out. He is loyal as can be, and he has a sharp tongue sometimes, which can get him in trouble. He hates females, but wont attack female packmates, just avoid them as much as he can. He enjpys being in nature, and when he focuses on something, it becomes his one and only focus. He is irked easily, especially when startled or when something disturbs his concentration. He can move quickly through any type of forest terrain.
    Wolf Likes: Squirrels, hares, trees, the ground
    Wolf Dislikes: Females, birds, humans, thing younger than him
    Wolf Strengths: He attacks extra viciously if his opponent is female or younger than him.
    Wolf Weaknesses: He's rash and impatient at times, and he isn't used to large groups of other wolves
    Wolf Habits: playing with his food, trapping and caging small animals as pets
    Wolf Talents: He can climb trees rather easily, and he can blend in with the surrounding forest.


    Parents: Real-Unknown Adopted-Ame
    Siblings: if any, unknown
    Pups: no
    Best Bud: Ame
    Friends: Ame
    Enemies: Humans, The Sapphire Skies Pack
    Crush: NU
    Mate: I will bite you if you mention me and mate in the same sentence


    Extra: His tail ends in a point, like it was slicked down, which he does. But sometimes he doesn't slick it down.
    Extra: His tail is almost as long as his body
    Themesong: No external links


    Seth was abandoned almost immediately after birth. He was left on the edge on his parents' pack's territory for the bears. Luckily for him, an old wolf found him first, and took him to a female wolf who had just given birth to a dead litter. The she wolf gave him milk until he was old enough to eat meat, and then he went to live with the old wolf, whose name was Ame. Ame taught Seth the ways of the forest, and a little bit of how to fight. One day he and Ame had a fight, and Seth ran away. He got lost, and was found by a human, who mistook him for a stray dog, and took him home to his 3 little girls. Eventually Seth escaped, with his sanity mostly intact, and he made his way here.

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    Wolf Information
    Wolf Name:: Cadence
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    Re: The Wild's Child Seth

    Post by Cadence on Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:33 pm

    Nice bio, Seth! ^^ me like xD

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    Re: The Wild's Child Seth

    Post by Seth on Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:39 pm

    Why thank you Cadence XD

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    Re: The Wild's Child Seth

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