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Time: 2 P.M. Temperature: 68 F, 20 C Season: Spring, April Current Weather: Sunny, a few white clouds are floating above the territory, but beware, darker ones are coming closer, bringing rain. What's happening: Accirrah, Dawn, and Robin are left at the camp with a loner, while Cadence and Yuuko are out at hunting at Syra's Clearing. A mysterious lone pup has just crashed into the Sapphire Skies' camp.

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    Alejandro-Shouldn't Be Here-


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    Alejandro-Shouldn't Be Here- Empty Alejandro-Shouldn't Be Here-

    Post by Alejandro on Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:45 pm


    Name: Alejandro
    Nicknames: Ale, Alex, Alejo.
    Age: 4 and a half months
    Gender: Male


    Previous Ranks: Loner
    Current Rank: Loner
    Wanted Rank: Pup


    Crush: None
    Mate: None
    Parents: Akeema-Mother-Unknown He never knew his father
    Pups: None
    Littermates: None


    Eye Colour: A golden-honey color.
    Fur Colour: Black and white.
    Markings: Black on his head, going around his left eye, on his back all the way to his tail tip, and stopping at his shoulders. Past that, he has dark gray fur, and then white.
    Scars: None
    Build: Average
    Extra Appendages: Feathered wings
    Extra Items: None
    Fur (Length): 3 inches


    Personality: Alejandro basically has two different personalities. One that is friendly and playful, and another that is serious, and even somewhat dark at times. His friendlier side is just that-friendly. This is the side that shows more often than his more somber side. He is outgoing, talking to just about anyone. He is also playful, and seems to have too much energy at times. His serious side, is, well, serious. He seems to lack energy when his serious side is showing. He mostly just sits around and thinks when this side of him is out. However, when his serious side turns dark, he will say things that he normally wouldn't, and even hurt his friends, though this rarely happens. Things the two sides have in common, are that, friendly or serious, Alejandro is brave, acting fearless in the face of danger. Also, both sides have arrogance weaved into them, though it shows more prominently in Ale's serious side.
    Likes: Talking, playing, flying, seeing new things and new places.
    Dislikes: Having nothing to do, being stuck on the ground for a long time,
    Talents: He can hunt pretty well for a pup.
    Habits: Pouncing on sticks and leaves often.
    Strengths: He can jump high.
    Weaknesses: When his serious side becomes dark.
    Theme song: WIP
    Reference: Alejandro-Shouldn't Be Here- 2qs2yqx
    History: WIP

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    Alejandro-Shouldn't Be Here- Empty Re: Alejandro-Shouldn't Be Here-

    Post by Cadence on Wed Jul 10, 2013 4:28 pm

    I know that we are young, and I know that you may love me, but I just can't be with you like this, anymore....Alejandro....

    Wait, wut?

    xD Anyways, I like the bio

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