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RolePlay Details

Time: 2 P.M. Temperature: 68 F, 20 C Season: Spring, April Current Weather: Sunny, a few white clouds are floating above the territory, but beware, darker ones are coming closer, bringing rain. What's happening: Accirrah, Dawn, and Robin are left at the camp with a loner, while Cadence and Yuuko are out at hunting at Syra's Clearing. A mysterious lone pup has just crashed into the Sapphire Skies' camp.

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    Midnight, The Loner


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    Midnight, The Loner Empty Midnight, The Loner

    Post by Hetastuck_Lover on Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:05 pm

    The Basics:

    Name: Midnight
    Nicknames: Night
    Age: 2 years 6 months
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Medic
    Breed: Grey Wolf


    Coat Length: Fairly Long
    Pelt Colour: Ebony
    Eye Colour: Left - Ice Blue /\ Right - Blood Red
    Markings and Designs: A pure white star on her left foreleg
    Scars and Scratches: A long scar that runs along her spine
    Extra Appendages: N/A
    Wolf Build: Lanky


    Personality: Midnight is a very shy wolf. She prefers to be alone and rarely talks. She is ashamed of the color of her right eye and feels as though she'll be judged by it. Because of this she prefers to keep her head down. She is really a very sociable wolf and would love to have friends, though her past as a lone wolf has trained her to never get to close to anyone.
    Wolf Likes: Midnight likes to be alone and not to be bothered and she loves the smell of herbs.
    Wolf Dislikes: She dislikes those who interrupt her when she is working or who ask too many questions. Any who dare interrupt her may leave with a scratch along their muzzle.
    Wolf Strengths: Midnight has always had an affinity with herbs and hunting. She's a natural at healing.
    Wolf Weaknesses: Midnight has an inability to control her emotions and will occasionally be seen clawing at a tree to vent her anger or sadness. She will almost always refuse help, even when she knows she needs it.
    Wolf Habits: She tends to be alone and likes it that way.
    Wolf Talents: She has a way with herbs and medicines.


    Parents: Unknown.
    Siblings: Unknown
    Pups: N/A ( she wants a litter with someone, but she hasn't met them yet.)
    Best Bud: N/A (yet)
    Friends: N/A (yet)
    Enemies: Her parents
    Crush: N/A (though she may have one eventually)
    Mate: N/A


    Themesong: The Outside by Taylor Swift

    History: Midnight was abandoned as a pup. She raised herself and almost died in the process. She had fully matured by the age of three months and began training herself. Because of her little interaction with other wolves, she doesn't know how to interact and often ends up hurting others. She stumbled into a wolf packs territory at the age of two and a half years old. It was then that her new life began to unfold and her old life began to fade.

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    Midnight, The Loner Empty Re: Midnight, The Loner

    Post by Accirrah on Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:52 pm

    I like your bio and everything, but remember to be accepted on the thread before joining the site.
    It's probably fine though! :3


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    Midnight, The Loner Empty Re: Midnight, The Loner

    Post by Jynx on Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:58 pm

    I like your bio, Midnight. I feel Midnight and Jynx will get along well since they are very similar, hmm?

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    Midnight, The Loner Empty Re: Midnight, The Loner

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