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Time: 2 P.M. Temperature: 68 F, 20 C Season: Spring, April Current Weather: Sunny, a few white clouds are floating above the territory, but beware, darker ones are coming closer, bringing rain. What's happening: Accirrah, Dawn, and Robin are left at the camp with a loner, while Cadence and Yuuko are out at hunting at Syra's Clearing. A mysterious lone pup has just crashed into the Sapphire Skies' camp.

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    The Sapphire Skies Camp


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    Re: The Sapphire Skies Camp

    Post by Accirrah on Thu Sep 12, 2013 5:37 pm

    Accirrah stopped to a halt on the spot, and looked back at Ailier. "You probably have a lot of questions about your whereabouts... And I will make sure you have them answered. But I will leave it up to the leader. For a starter, I can warmly say you are welcome to the Sapphire skies pack territory." He said kindly, giving the wolf on his back a smile before he proceeded walking back. The black brute was happy to be able to help someone at all this way. Of course, he was top trained in fighting, but then he didn't do much else than to hurt. He flicked his ears in annoyance at this thought. He was tired of spilling blood. He was just happy to be able to start over in this pack, and get a brand new life.

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    Re: The Sapphire Skies Camp

    Post by Ailier on Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:29 am

    The smells of this place were strange. How had the pup not know they were here? Was it because she didn't often fly in this direction? Or was it because it was it only swollowed little pups who intruded? Ailier listened to the silence, if one could even listen to nothing. She enjoyed the heat coming off of the unknown wolf's back, it was comforting in a way. Accirrah broke the silence by speaking about welcoming her to the pack. The light blue pup slightly regretted the fact that he did so, silence was truly a beautiful thing. Like a china doll, it's beautiful up until its broken, when glued back together than it looks awkward. Ailier let silence cover them, like pancakes in syrup, and continued listening to the occasional bird chirp or frog croak. It was her turn to break the silence, though, even though she might not enjoy it. "Thank you, Accirrah." The pup said as she let silence fall upon them once again, so beautiful.

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    Re: The Sapphire Skies Camp

    Post by Jynx on Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:50 pm

    The young brute sat in the shadows of a conifer tree next to a babbling creek, the sound he enjoyed the most. He was content and had his head held down, staring at the river, looking for any movement. He looked up stream and prepared his paw that was currently hovering over the moving water as he saw a flash of silvery-blue. Just as the slimy creature was in range for attack, Jynx was startled as he heard three wolves' voices. One was male, two were young and female. The fish rushed by and the dark colored wolf with light markings scowled at the strangers. Since his afternoon meal had gotten away he decided to turn his attention to the wolves. He set down his unchained paw and backed up to the tree, so his rump was touching the ragged bark. Swiftly he pushed up with his haunches and sprang into the air, higher than a normal wolf. Since this conifer tree's branches were higher from the ground it took more skill to reach the bottom most branch, but with his spring, Jynx managed to wrap his front paws around the thin branch. He pushed off the large trunk with his back legs and landed gracefully on the branch. All through out the hard exercise he made little sound except for scrapings from his long nails that were loud enough for all three strange wolves to hear. The strangely marked brute gracefully jumped to the next few branches around the other side of the tree to watch the strangers. They were about a meter away from the large tree and the adult male was jet black with white wings. The two pups were small and a blue one with white wings was on the male's back. The other was white with purple wings and she was beside them. Strange... Jynx thought to himself as his intense purple eyes glowed from the depth of the tree, the only thing that could be seen beside his silver chain that glinted in the sunlight.

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    Re: The Sapphire Skies Camp

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